Name: Sophie Manuela Lindner AKA Sophiela

Jobs: Sports physiotherapist BSc. MA., Certificate in dance medicine (tamed) and Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy (IFT® Methode), Scientific Research Team CIT, international workshop leader

Statement: Live now!

Dance styles: Breaking since 2007

Others: Newstyle, House since 2002



In 2007 Sophie Manuela Lindner went to Madrid, Spain, where she dived into the world of break dance. In Spain, Sophie joined the breakdance crew „Mamafunk“. Back in Austria she was part of the founders of the breakdance crew „M.O.T.“ in 2010. Since 2014 she has joint the Skill Sisters. Ever since she has been taking part in several battles, spectacles and street shows all around the world, and has established a name for herself on an international level.

One of her highlights was getting to the final of the female competition at the „Notorious IBE 2011“ (Heerlen, Netherlands). Her last big competition was in October 2015 at the “Battle Of The Year International – We*B-Girls Battle” (Braunschweig, Germany), representing Austria and Germany.

Since 2012 Sophie Manuela Lindner has dedicated herself especially to the field of dance medicine. At the moment Sophie is coordinating various projects, with the main focus on dance-injury prevention for urban dancers. At the beginning of 2014 Sophie founded URBAN DANCE HEALTH. The concept of URBAN DANCE HEALTH is physiotherapeutic knowledge applied on the urban dancer.



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