Name: Jana Kocher AKA Bañana

Jobs: Digital /Graphic designer, Communicationdesign B.A.

Statement: I know that I know nothing. (Sokrates)

Dance styles: Breaking since 2014

Others: House, Newstyle


In 2014 Jana went to London to work as an designer in an interactive design agency (Somewhat).
While she was working she started to get in contact with the breaking scene. She already had experience in Choreodance in HipHop and other styles but in London she really felt in love with Breaking. Her first mentors were Raincrew who always supported her and pushed her. After London she went back to Germany to finish her degree in Communication Design B.A. in Mainz.

Since 2016 she is working as a freelancer on her own projects and as a dance teacher for kids. One of her projects (“Girls for Girls”) supports female refugees. On the same she became a crewmember of SkillSisters who are a big inspiration for her. It´s her first Crew Love and biggest support not only in dancing also in vital matters. They are one family with the same mind.


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