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Skill Sisters is a female HipHop crew which was founded in 2011 by notable Breaking crews from Stuttgart and meanwhile consisting of 8 members. Primarily we consider ourselves as representatives of the Breaking culture but also do other dance styles like Housedance, Jazzdance, Afrodance and Locking. Additionally we are active in other creative areas like Painting, Rapping and Singing.

As dancers and singers we appeared in several regional, national and international Breaking Battles. Furthermore, we operated as jury members in various dance events.

As we would like to pass over our longtime experience to the following generations, we give regular workshops and Breaking classes. To forward creative exchange within the scene we are also members of the artist platform Underground Soul Cypher e.V., organizing and executing Breaking battles and international exchange programs.


International exchange programms:

2013 – Lodz/Poland

2011 – Krakau Warschau/Poland

2009/2010/2011 – Washington DC/USA

2007/2010 – Lodz/Poland

2007 – Zagreb/Croatia

2006 – New York/USA


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